Corrigan's Steakhouse in Thousand Oaks Currently Closed But In Transition


Several folks pointed out that in recent weeks, the venerable Corrigan’s Steakhouse at 556 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard was closed. We stopped by multiple times and confirmed that, indeed, this local eatery is not currently operating. But there were no “closed” signs on the doors nor updates on the restaurant’s social media. And no one answered the phone…but the phone line wasn’t disconnected.

So we reached out to locals via the Conejo Valley Guide Facebook page. Perhaps someone would know what going on. We heard from a broker that escrow closed on the building last Friday. And the new owners plan to remodel the building, keep the theme and name, and re-open in the first quarter of 2019!

Corrigan’s was opened in 1982 by Tom Corrigan, the son of legendary stuntman/actor Ray “Crash” Corrigan - the same Corrigan that founded Corriganville theme park in Simi Valley. Crash Corrigan passed away on August 10, 1976. Tom Corrigan passed away on March 14, 2018.