City of Simi Valley Offers Up to $50,000 Home Rehab Loans for Low-Income Homeowners

City of Simi Valley Offers $50,000 Deferred Payment Home Rehabilitation Program Loans with 2% Interest for Low-Income Homeowners


The City of Simi Valley offers deferred payment Home Rehabilitation loans up to $50,000 to low-income homeowners, with no monthly payments. Loans accrue 2% interest for the first 15 years, and are reserved for owner-occupied single-family homes in need of repair. Full repayment is required when the property is sold, refinanced, or leased, or when the property changes title. 

In order to qualify for these loans, household income may not exceed low-income limits published annually by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Repayment of Home Rehabilitation loans is required upon sale, refinance, or transfer of the property.

Examples of eligible work include roof repair or replacement, repair or replacement of damaged walls, doors, screens, hardware, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, kitchen built-in appliances, replacement of deteriorated floor coverings, connection to sanitary sewer, repair or replacement of severely deteriorated exterior stucco, siding and doors (including garage doors), window replacements, replacement of deteriorated/hazardous driveway, replacement of old heating and air conditioning systems, installing attic insulation, and weatherstripping.

For further information or to request an application contact the City’s Home Rehabilitation Coordinator at 805-583-6757 and visit for details.

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