Trout Dale in Agoura (Local Fishing Fun!) (CLOSED)

Trout Dale appears to be closed but perhaps they may re-open again at some point. (818) 889-9993


Try your luck at local fishing at Troutdale, 2468 Troutdale Drive, Agoura, just off Kanan Road before Triunfo Canyon.  Troutdale has been around for 40 years and has two ponds nicely stocked with fish.

For $7 per person (as of June 2016; pricing hasn't changed for years), you get a bamboo fishing pole, corn bait and bucket.  For another $5 you can buy worm bait, which we did. Admission is applicable whether or not you fish there.

My boys loved it there, though for the wrong reasons...they quickly lost interest in fishing as they were fascinated by the worms (which we subsequently brought home and now reside in our lawn).

If you catch a fish, you can't throw it back in the pond. Fish prices range from $6 for a 10 inch fish to $11 for fish 15+ inches. Cleaning available for $1.50 per fish. $20 penalty for throwing a fish back in the pond.

Hours (as of June 2016) are 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 7pm Saturday/Sunday. Open on all school holidays.

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