Gondola Paradiso at Channel Islands Harbor

Founded in January 2014, Gondola Paradiso provides its clients with luxury Venetian-style cruises through the canals of the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard.  Gondola Paradiso currently operates with one gondola, Teresa, which was built and restored in Southern California.  A batela a coa de gambaro is being constructed at the NW School for Wooden Boatbuilding, and will join the fleet in late July 2014.

Gondola Paradiso will begin accepting reservations for Channel Islands Harbor gondola cruises beginning February 1, 2014.  

Owner Mark Schooling brings his first boat, Teresa, and sixteen years of experience rowing gondolas throughout Southern California to Ventura County. Prior to launching Gondola Paradiso, Mr. Schooling was an experienced gondolier at gondola operations in Newport Beach, Sunset Beach, and Long Beach. He has helped train many new gondoliers, and participated in last October’s US Gondola Nationals. Gondola Paradiso marks his entry into owning his own business, and brings gondolas back to the waterways in Oxnard.

Cruises leave from Seabridge Marina, located off South Victoria Avenue at the Channel Islands Harbor. To book a cruise, call (805) 616-4475 and for more information visit www.gondolaparadiso.com.