Fitness Movement Studio in Westlake Village

Since opening in June 2011, Fitness Movement in Westlake Village takes pride in giving its clients the most focused attention and training they could experience while working out. Focusing on the areas of Pilates Plus, Indoor Cycling, TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Training, Core Barre, Beginners Sculpt/Cycling, and Beginners Pilates Plus, Fitness Movement has multiple trainers who are all specialized in what they teach and are constantly updating their expertise.

The studio and classes are kept exciting and fresh, using new techniques and up-to-date music. Each class tops out at 10 people, which gives the clients a more personalized experience in training. One on one sessions are also available.

The studio features over 3000 sq. ft. of workout space and is always kept clean and stocked with whatever a person needs to get high performance training. Fitness Movement is a place of community values where someone can meet other people who share the same interests and ideas about life and fitness. The studio is a great place for both men and women who have busy lives, hectic work schedules, children and more.

For more information, visit or call 818.874.9006.  Fitness Movement is located at 1145 Lindero Canyon Road, #C1, Westlake Village.

Elite Fitness Plus in Westlake Village

Elite Fitness Plus (EFP) is an exclusive 100% private wellness and fitness facility focused on the long term health benefits of fitness and nutritional enhancement balanced with Neuro Reflex science and massage. Our state of the art, one of a kind facility is setting the standard in the industry. We don’t subscribe to one size fits all, factory type gyms or workouts. Elite Fitness Plus tailors our comprehensive, individual based, result generating programs around you the client.   Our warm and friendly college educated coaches, nutritionist, Neuro Reflex expert, massage therapists, instructors, staff and management are exceptional in what they do and have the experience and education to provide a one of a kind experience.

The human body is incredibly complex. We believe that our private coaching clients deserve the very best and that philosophy mandates that we hire and train the best. Our coaches are all university graduates with degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or another related field and then go through our extensive internship process that can last as long as six months. Even our small group sessions are designed to make sure that you have an experienced and caring professional watching you at all times. We never have more than 8 people in a class and usually we have 3-6 in each class. This is by design to make sure that you always have the correct posture and form to yield the highest amount of benefit.

Located at 3260 Townsgate Road, Westlake Village. Visit or call 805.494.4279 for more information.

Elite Performance Factory in Westlake Village

Located at 733 Lakefield Road, Unit B in Westlake Village, Elite Performance Factory is an 18,000 square-foot integrated training facility, fully equipped with a unique line of ground based cable machines, Olympic-style weight lifting platforms, numerous free weight stations, a unique indoor field turf dedicated to speed, agility and power training, a full line of high performance equipment and an Olympic style indoor sprint track.

  • 18,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art sports performance center
  • Integrated on-site physical therapists
  • Massage therapy
  • On-site nutritionist and integrated meal service
  • Olympic style 4-lane indoor Mondo sprint track
  • 6 Olympic lifting racks and platforms with over 3,500 pounds of weights
  • Proven, customized, world-class performance training programs
  • Athletes lounge featuring flat-screen TV
  • Customized pre/post workout supplementation
  • Regeneration area
  • Towel service
  • Year-round online exercise programming and nutritional support

Visit or call 805.494.4464 for more information.

Yoga Upstairs in Agoura Hills

Yoga Upstairs is located at 5308 Derry Avenue, Suite K, in Agoura Hills. The studio offers classes Monday through Thursday in the areas of Hatha, Iyengar and Classic yoga. The studio has natural light, bamboo floor and a four panel yoga rope wall. We have ample props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, sand bags and chairs. Yoga mats are also available. Come with an empty stomach, wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothes and enjoy, yoga upstairs. More information and sign up for classes at

Sharing Stars Dance Company in Agoura

Sharing Stars Dance Company in Agoura offers ballroom dance lessons and school and summer programs. Our philosophy and motivation is to inspire, discover and capture the best in you through the gift of dance and fitness. Learn to dance all the ballroom dances. We specialize in the correct international technique.

Sharing Stars offers a comprehensive range of exciting dance programs for all skill levels and ages as well as health and wellness programs, drug free workshops, dance parties, performances and special events. We offer private lessons, Formation dancing, youth, adult, group, and school lessons.

We arrange special events to benefit charities and schools.  We also do weddings and pre travel dance packages.  Complete with costume design, choreography, music arranging and venue and event planning as well as advertising.  No experience or partner required.  Dress Comfortably!  Visit or call 818.277.2067. Sharing Stars is located at 28716 Roadside Drive.

Tiger Crane Kung Fu in Simi Valley

The ancient Chinese martial art of Hung Gar Kung Fu strengthens the mind, body, and spirit. Originating in the Shaolin Temple of China, Hung Gar is a style of Kung Fu that uses movements of animals such as the Tiger and the Crane for self defense. You will learn the skills of self-defense and evolve beyond the discipline of movement, into a deeper understanding of the wisdom behind the stances.

Hung Gar is a beneficial and enlightening practice for students of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to give you the tools and skills to reach farther and become more than you thought possible mentally, spiritually and physically. Learn a practice that has enhanced people's lives for centuries and applies directly to your modern time.

Tiger Crane Kung Fu is located at 1733 East Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley. Visit or call 805.341.4696 for more information.

Park Place Stable in Malibu

Park Place Stable, located at 2035 Decker School Lane in Malibu, is a full service stable, offering trail rides, beach rides, lessons, training and boarding. Park Place Stable is on a 1,000 acre property with a panoramic view of the pacific ocean and access to miles of private riding trails and parkland with beautiful overlooks of the canyons and valleys. More information at or call 310.589.8845.

Elvenstar Horse Riding Academy - Moorpark

Elvensar Riding AcademyElvensar Riding Academy at 15618 E. Tierra Rejada Road is a 13 acre facility in Moorpark that provides group and private horse riding training for adults and kids, camps, birthday parties and boarding.  Elvensar was originally built in 1980. For more information, visit or call 805.529.2800.

Shadowbrook Stables in Moorpark

Shadowbrook Stables, located at Southern California Riding Club (3678 Sunset Valley Road, Moorpark), offers professional training programs for children and adults, and trains/sells quality horses. Specialized instruction offered for hunter, jumper and equitation divisons. Visit or call 805.529.8069 for more information.