Save Money on Home Long Distance Calls!

My family is old fashioned...although we have 3 cell phones and 2 Internet providers, we still keep our land line phone.  Although expensive for the little that we use it, we keep it like a security blanket.

Since we still have a land line phone, we make some long distance calls on it.  The majority of my long distance calls are made via cell phone, but as a family still make long distance land line calls.  But not a lot.

AT&T was our long distance carrier and it was really starting to get on my nerves that I was paying bills ranging from $15 to $45 a month for long distance service that we barely used.  The Verizon plan didn't look much better.  And all the plans were irritatingly complex, with monthly fees, unannounced price increases, etc.

I tried Skype, which can be very inexpensive, but I didn't like having to be tethered to my computer and an Internet connection to make phone calls.  We just wanna pick up the phone and call!

A friend recommended Telna for long distance. I switched 2 months ago and am glad I did!  Here's why:

  • There's no difference in quality in our long distance calls.
  • They only charge 3.4 cents per minute for call within California and 4.8 cents per minute for calls to other states and many international land lines (like Spain, UK, Germany, China, Canada). (Calls to Mexico are 7.9 cents per minute.)
  • They charge by the SECOND. They don't round up to a minute and gouge you!
  • There are no monthly fees or minimum charges!! I LOVE THIS!
  • Since the calls cost less, I pay LESS TAXES on the calls.  Another pet peave of mine.
  • Telna also has great rates for international calls made from your cell phone. I signed up for this too but haven't had a need to use it yet.

So my long distance bills went from an average of $20 per month with AT&T to $5 per month with Telna!  And that's with minimal long distance calls.  Someone who makes a lot of long distance calls on their land line can save a ton of money using Telna!

Sign up for Telna by CLICKING HERE!