Animal Rescue Volunteers Bring Abandoned Pets to Petsmart in Search of New Homes

By Nancy Needham (

Don't even think about dropping off wild animals, strays or, heaven forbid, your own unwanted pet to Animal Rescue Volunteers. The group has all the dogs and cats they can handle right now as they try to find dogs and cats new homes, or at least foster homes.

Among those who need homes are Scooter, an adorable spaniel mix, and Tess, a grey tabby with style. The animal rescue gets its dogs and cats from animal shelters, vet referrals and other rescues. Then they provide them with exercise, spaying/neutering, microchipping and medical attention. Foster parents give them homes until permanent ones are found.

From noon to 4 p.m. every Saturday the rescue puts dogs and cats on display at Petsmart, 455 E. Cochran Street. The hopeful pets bark and meow and plead for homes. The rescue workers also plead for more volunteers, foster homes and other stuff such as dog food, paper towels and cat litter. Not just any food will do. The nonprofit prefers Natural Balance.

Their mission is to help control the pet population by rehoming abandoned pets. Those who find lost dogs are encouraged to take them to animal shelters in Camarillo or Agoura Hills where their owners would be looking for them. Pet owners looking to abandon their pets are encouraged to seek training and find a way to keep them.

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