Always Lock Your Car Doors

There have been a number of local car thefts in the area, including items stolen from UNLOCKED cars in our tract, Dos Vientos and other locations.  Stay on the lookout for crooks and by all means, keep your doors locked.

For the 10/31/07 City Watch Alert update from Senior Deputy Joe Evans, click here.

To become a member of City Watch, contact Joe at or 805.371.8362.

Crime reporting information from the City of Thousand Oaks website (or click here):

I have information about or want to report a crime
Please call the Thousand Oaks Police Department at (805) 494-8200 or email  Please call 911 if this is an emergency OR THE CRIME IS IN PROCESS. (You may remain anonymous to report a crime.)

I want to report graffiti.
Report it quickly!  Call the Public Works Department 24 hour Graffiti Hotline, at (805) 449-2488, for round-the-clock reporting of graffiti incidents and free removal of graffiti from private property.

I want to report a burglary
Please call the Thousand Oaks Police Department at (805) 654-9511 or email  (THIS IS THE LOCAL DISPATCH NUMBER TO CALL TO GET A DEPUTY OUT TO YOU QUICKLY!)

I want to notify someone about gang activity or ongoing drug dealing
Please call the Thousand Oaks Police Department Special Enforcement Unit at 805-494-8297 or email