Find a Race Anywhere in the USA at

In planning for an upcoming trip, I decided to look around to see if there are any upcoming races in the part of Texas I will be visiting. I Googled around a bit and found random races here and there and figured it was going to be a long process. But soon I came across the site and was pleasantly surprised.

Running in the USA is clearly and simply organized; in fact, it reminded me of this website ( in case you forgot!). In navigating the site you can quickly drill down to upcoming races by state, and from there, by date. Then they give you the option of searching by distance (5K, half marathon, triathlon, etc.) or by month or other criteria. From there, they link to the race's website.

Nice, clear and concise. Exactly the way I like it.

There currently is over 40,000 upcoming races listed in the Running in the USA database. This includes nearly 2,800 in California alone.

It makes you wonder, how do they compile all of this information? The owners of the site are a husband/wife team, Bill and Mary Flaws of Waukesha, Wisconsin. Mary is the runner in the family and does the website and database programming for the site (in addition to her "regular" job). Mary's marathon PR is 3:08 in the 2010 Lakefront Marathon in Wisconsin (2nd place in her division).

I took a look at another great online running resource,, and quickly discovered that Mary ran 11 marathons (at least) in 2010 alone, including 2 marathons in one weekend, two weekends prior to her PR performance, preceded by another marathon the week before. That's crazy! Heck, I'm usually tapering my mileage the last three weeks prior to a marathon! She is a diehard runner!

Bill works full-time on the site,checking literally hundreds of links each week for race updates, results and new races.

I have appreciation for what they are doing as this is quite similar to Conejo Valley Guide. And the result of their work is an extremely comprehensive and as a result popular resource for runners throughout the country. Check it out!