National Park Service to Host 'Ap Ceremonial Burn at Rancho Sierra Vista on TBD (POSTPONED)


In front of the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center in Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa in Newbury Park is a replica Chumash home called an 'ap. An 'ap is shaped like half an orange and is made by setting willow poles in the ground in a circle, bending them into shape at the top to form a dome.

Traditionally, the Chumash would burn their ‘Aps for religious practices, after a passing of a person, or to cleanse the ‘Ap spiritually and to maintain sanitation.

Hereditary Chumash Chief, Ted Garcia and brother, Dennis Garcia will be performing a ceremonial demonstration to burn the current ‘Ap at the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center.

The public is invited to join in for the sunset farewell to the current ‘Ap, which was constructed in the summer of 2007. EVENT WAS PLANNED FOR FEB 24TH - HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO ANTICIPATED WINDS.

Wear layers due to changing weather conditions. Bring a blanket or chair to relax and watch.

Heavy rain and red flag warning cancels the event.

A new 'Ap is anticipated to be built between June and August 2018. More details will be posted at