Weinerschnitzel on Thousand Oaks Boulevard Is History as Chick-fil-A Paves the Way

As previously reported, the anticipated demolition of the Weinerschnitzel on Thousand Oaks Boulevard next to Do It Center has taken place. Anyone driving down Thousand Oaks Boulevard near the auto mall will quickly notice the empty space. No hot dogs in sight. Chick-fil-A is anticipated to have a drive-thru location (with a few outdoor tables) here by the summer.

View of the former location of Weinerschnitzel from Thousand Oaks Boulevard

View of the former Weinerschnitzel from the Do It Center parking lot

Yes indeed, we are now Weinerschnitzel-less in Thousand Oaks, though they did mention the possibility of finding another location in Thousand Oaks. Looking for a good hot dog? I like Lucky's Dog House at Janss Marketplace (also in Moorpark).