Straight Up Ventura County "Just Talk About It" 2012 Youth Video Contest

JUST TALK ABOUT IT video contest for Ventura County young people intends to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS
A local youth organization is helping to kick off a new video contest intended to encourage people to "just talk about" HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention. 

Straight Up, a local youth advocacy and prevention organization, invites Ventura County young people, ages 14-25, to submit videos highlighting the importance of discussing HIV/AIDS prevention among family, peers, and the community. Groups or individuals are welcome to enter a short video, and Straight Up offers info sessions, equipment lending and other technical assistance.

Communication, such as dialog between a parent and child, is a critical element for prevention around such issues as HIV/AIDS, says Katherine Kasmir, Straight Up's Program Director. "As funding for HIV infection prevention gets reduced on governmental levels, it becomes increasingly important that dialog and education continues personally and locally," she says. "Lack of information, or misinformation, creates danger for young people, so it's important they're armed and ready to make healthy decisions."

Contest runs through November 29, 2012. Winners will be announced on December 13. 

Downloadable forms can be found at

Contact for more information: (805) 647-4622 or