Rules for Recounting Votes are Unclear and How Much it Costs is Mysterious

If someone wants a recount on the election results in Ventura County they need to decide quickly. They have 5 days to decide. The rule on that says 5 days and that could mean calendar days from Friday, Nov. 19, when the results were officially certified. Or it might mean 5 business days. Ventura County Election Manager Martin Cobos said he was unsure because of the way the election rule was worded. "We'd have to seek counsel on that," he said. Maybe it's tomorrow. Or it could be Friday. Or with the holiday it could mean next Tuesday. And, for those wondering how much it would cost, that's also a mystery. Any voter can request a recount in writing, but the catch is the person who requests it pays for it. Think it might be worth the money? Hard to know since Cobos said the request has to be made before the county will say how much it's going to cost since each race would cost a different amount depending on the number of precincts involved. The cost of the security, room, people recounting and moving the ballots are included in the expenses to be paid. The closest he would come to estimating was "in the thousands."