Gillette Has Razor Thin Lead Against Adam in City Council Race Yet to be Decided

After about 1,000 more votes across Ventura County were counted today, the Ventura County Clerk and Recorder's Office posted the results at 5 p.m. showing Mayor Dennis Gillette is still holding on to his seat with an 87 vote lead against challenger and Planning Commissioner Al Adam.

Earlier in the day Gillette had a 76 vote lead. Every vote seems to matter as Gillette increased his lead from .07 percent ahead to .08 percent with 14,700 votes against Adam's 14,613.

The Nov. 2 election had 10 challengers fighting 3 incumbents for the 3 available seats on the 5 member City Council. County Clerk and Recorder Mark Lunn said he hopes to certify the election by Friday, but noted there are "still lots of votes out there to be counted."