Controversial Library and City Hall Hour Cut Backs Done Secretly Behind Closed Doors

Thousand Oaks just announced shorter hours for City Hall and the library that were decided without residents being able to speak publicly or even listen at the meeting. Hour cuts include City Hall closing every other Friday. The main library will open one hour later and close one hour earlier Monday through Thursday. The city's official response is the hours were cut to save money. The reason given for it being decided during a closed session is because it was done as a part of "labor relations exception to the Brown Act." But, during a public discussion of budget cuts at a City Council meeting earlier this year, the mention of cutting back on library hours was met with public concern. Some Council members expressed agreement there needed to be cuts in other areas in the city before library hours were slashed. Then, someone closed the door and pulled the curtains before the library and City Hall hours were secretly trimmed. There's been no immediate answer from city officials to how much the city saved by making the cuts or in which closed session this matter was decided. (Updates will be made when that information becomes available.) To let the city know how you feel about the cuts being made in the dark, phone 805.449.2100 or e-mail Or try and contact your City Council members individually.