Conejo Valley Based Non-Profit Regenerate Films Celebrates 10th Anniversary


   Non-Profit Continues to Empower Youth and Amplify Voices through Creative Outlets

Formed in response to global issues facing young adults in a local community, Regenerate Films was born in 2002.  After a fatal car accident in the neighborhood, David Lee Miller and his son Jordan created the non-profit to address teen driving fatalities and suicide via public service announcements made by youth and for youth. 

Ten years later, Regenerate Films consistently provides outlets for young people who want to make a difference in their communities. This unique organization allows motivated kids to make their ideas a reality in film, music, artistic or educational campaigns...creating the ultimate opportunity for young visionaries in Southern California.

Building on the first public service campaign’s success, David, Jordan and a dedicated team of professionals created the feature film, My Suicide, a critically acclaimed international sensation. Released on the film festival circuit in 2009, the movie features Archie Williams, a budding filmmaker who announces his own death will be the subject of a media class final project.  Archie becomes the poster child for today’s struggling-to-find-itself generation, where his promise to off himself turns the social misfit into a star attraction for his classmates and the girl of his dreams. 

Thousands of teens worldwide embraced this film, declaring themselves to be “Archies.”  Director, David Lee Miller said, “The award recognition and reach of My Suicide pale in comparison to the Teen Suicide Prevention it spawned, pulling back young people and their families from the ledge.”  Prestigious audiences honored the film ranging from the staff of Pixar to The Pope. Fitting the mission of Regenerate Films, the movie reached a large audience at a visceral level while still being a rocking film. 

The momentum continued through Regenerate Films, spawning organic youth generated projects benefitting multiple non-profit organizations dedicated to sustainability and other social issues.  Now, Regenerate Films has a long and proven history of empowering youth by providing creative outlets with successful projects such as My Suicide (re-released as Archie’s Final Project), Open Borders Summer Music and Arts Festival and Cause Coastal Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy .

Additionally, the non-profit produced a documentary shot in Nepal, entitled I Will Find You. The film focuses on the victims of “enforced disappearances” –the  illegal kidnappings of suspected “enemies” of the State and of the Insurgent army. I Will Find You amplifies the voices of those left behind who search, seemingly in vain, for their lost family members and loved ones, probably never to be seen again.

Recently, Regenerate Films became aware of the scourge of vastly under reported heroin use that pervades the local community. In response, Regenerate has embarked on a new campaign called “Heroin Sucks” in conjunction with Simi Valley based Not One More. Directly assisting local youth in the creative process, a new Public Service Announcement campaign will heighten awareness of endemic drug abuse in Ventura County.

Founded only a decade ago, Regenerate Films has accomplished things that people only dream of doing. By engaging with and making a difference for young people globally while serving its local constituencies, the organization continues to grow and flourish. David Miller added, “I am deeply honored and humbled to continue work with Regenerate on its 10th Anniversary—I’ve learned so much from my involvement with young, dedicated digital media artists as they tackle today’s teen problems and human rights issues.”

Regenerate’s unique board of directors and its Chairman Larry Janss continue to roll up their sleeves and dive deep into community projects.  They don’t wait for things to happen—they make them happen. 

Summing up, Mr. Janss stated, “If we can offer young folks tools and mentorship, Regenerate Films will continue to play an important role in handing off our troubled world to a much more prepared generation of future leaders.”

Here’s to another fabulous decade! Visit to learn more.