2nd Annual Lighthouse Church FallFest in Newbury Park Was a Big Hit!

According to event organizers, the 2nd Annual FallFest event in Newbury Park was a HUGE success last weekend with estimated attendance of 5000+ Conejo Valley families.

This is a great video! Check it out to see if your kids or friends are in it!

FallFest is sponsored by Lighthouse Church as a way to give back to the local community.

From the Lighthouse Church: We believe in pouring into the individual lives, our schools,and our neighbors. We do this in many ways from our "Career Transitions Workshops," teacher appreciation dinners and our upcoming "Conejo Valley Christmas"  December 4th at 5:30pm. A family time of fun, snow and welcoming the Christmas season to the Conejo Valley. 

We at Lighthouse want to create an environment where you want to belong. We welcome everybody regardless of the season of life or struggles you face. The great part about Lighthouse is that you do not have to be "good enough" to go to belong, you just have to belong because there is enough good for everyone. 

We are looking for people to come add their own wood to our bonfire that God is building in the Conejo Valley. The only way we can build that fire bright enough, is if you bring that special gift God created in you.  If you do not have anything left to give, or can't recognize it, come anyway, we have plenty to share and we'll walk along side you until you do. 

Please feel free to share the warmth, family and adventure of an intentional life at Lighthouse Church, 3353 Old Conejo Rd. Newbury Park (Wendy drive exit, south, then west on Old Conejo Road, next to the 101 freeway). More info at www.lighthousechurch.org or call (805) 480-9999. Our service times are at www.lighthousechurch.org/home/services