Westlake Volleyball Club

The Westlake Volleyball Club for girls develops female athletes ages 10-18 in the Conejo Valley. The club is  committed to keeping and retaining the best talent in the area, through exceptional coaching, communication, organization, integrity, honesty, character, and the desire to be the best.

The Westlake Volleyball Club for boys develosp young men to become the best volleyball players they are capable of becoming; making them capable of taking their game play to the next level, whether it be middle school, high school JV or Varsity, or college level. The goal is not to just develop their skills on the volleyball court, but also to develop them into positive, responsible young athletes ready to take on the world with essential life skills revolving around a solid work ethic, self-discipline and to learn that hard work eventually pays off in whatever life's challenges may bring them.

Visit www.westlakevbc.com to learn more.