Pleasant Valley Skate Park in Camarillo


Pleasant Valley Park at 1030 Temple Avenue (at the corner of Temple and Ponderosa) opened in 1998 when it became the first special district in the State of California to open a skate park. It quickly became one of the most heavily used recreational facilities in the district.

The Pleasant Valley Skate Park is a 12,000+ sq ft concrete park that features beginner, intermediate, and more advanced areas for skaters.

The Skate Park may be used only during daylight hours and is deemed closed from dusk to dawn.

Effective May 2, 2018, there is no longer a fee to enter the Skate Park. The park will no longer be staffed by PVRPD employees, however, except for Saturday mornings from 10am to 2pm to ensure a safe environment for younger skaters.

Only skateboards, in-line skates and BMX style bikes are allowed.  Visit or call 805.482.1996 for more information.