The Bar Method in Agoura Hills

The Bar Method is a one-hour total body workout using isometric movements to work deeply into the muscle. We use a ballet bar for balance, and to assist in stretching each muscle after it is worked. The format of the exercise is like interval training in that it raises the heart rate and then lowers it back down on and off throughout the class.

The local Bar Method studio is located at 28878 Roadside Dr. in Agoura Hills at The Whizin's Market Square. Their phone number is 818.735.5415 and website is

The owner of Bar Method Agoura Hills both grew up in the Conejo Valley and graduated from Agoura High School in 2000. After college, she and her husband decided to try city life for awhile and moved to San Francisco. While living there she started taking an exercise class called The Bar Method. It helped improve her health so much, and reshaped her body so quickly, that she soon became a devout student. Eventually she became a Bar Method instructor, and in October 2008 she was finally able to realize her dream of bringing The Bar Method to her hometown in Agoura Hills.  Check it out!