Sharing Stars Dance Company in Agoura

Sharing Stars Dance Company in Agoura offers ballroom dance lessons and school and summer programs. Our philosophy and motivation is to inspire, discover and capture the best in you through the gift of dance and fitness. Learn to dance all the ballroom dances. We specialize in the correct international technique.

Sharing Stars offers a comprehensive range of exciting dance programs for all skill levels and ages as well as health and wellness programs, drug free workshops, dance parties, performances and special events. We offer private lessons, Formation dancing, youth, adult, group, and school lessons.

We arrange special events to benefit charities and schools.  We also do weddings and pre travel dance packages.  Complete with costume design, choreography, music arranging and venue and event planning as well as advertising.  No experience or partner required.  Dress Comfortably!  Visit or call 818.277.2067. Sharing Stars is located at 28716 Roadside Drive.