Los Padres Ski Club in Ventura

In 1937, Ventura County visionaries formed a club dedicated to the budding sport of downhill skiing. They secured a 99-year land lease in the Los Padres National Forest, located west of Frasier Park, and called themselves the Los Padres Ski Club. On that site the Club built a rope tow, powered by a gasoline engine, and a small warming hut. Over the ensuing years, the rope tow gradually fell into disuse as ski areas were developed throughout the state. All that remains now is the hut's slab and the "bull wheel" and its supporting structure. But the spirit and dedication exhibited by our founders is just as evident today as it was then. Although now we ride to Mammoth in video buses, stay in condos with microwave ovens and VCR's, and ride up the mountain in high-speed quad chairs, we still share the same dream...the exhilaration of the perfect ski run. 

Los Padres Ski Club is committed to its membership to provide affordable recreation and trips. While affordable, our trips are still very accommodating for all. In the winter we usually plan at least five trips to Mammoth Mountain, approximately once each month November through April. We usually rent several units in a condominium complex in the town of Mammoth Lakes. The transportation is either by chartered bus or carpools depending on the number of attendees. During the summer there are bike rides, opens houses and camping trips.

For more information, visit www.lospadresskiclub.net.