Johnny Gyro Karate in Oak Park

JOHNNY GYRO KARATE at 650 Lindero Canyon Road, Oak Park is the largest karate studio in the Conejo Valley where all classes are taught by the one and only Johnny Gyro! It is our philosophy to treat each adult and child student based on their own individual needs, abilities and strengths. We pride ourselves on teaching more than martial arts alone - we strive to build self esteem, confidence, focus, physical fitness and above all.....self respect!

JOHNNY GYRO KARATE is a family business where you will find only the GYRO FAMILY on the mat six days a week!! And ALL children's classes are separated by age and belt level - NO COMBINED CLASSES!! This permits a much higher standard of instruction with far less distraction and confusion for ourchildren students!

With Mr. Gyro's many years of teaching and fighting experience, it is his greatest joy to have the opportunity to pass his knowledge and experience on to others in a very motivating and positive environment!

NO costly, unnecessary registration or enrollment fees at JOHNNY GYRO KARATE! We offer family discounts along with many flexible programs to suit all needs!  ALL NEW STUDENTS ARE INVITED TO TRY A FREE CLASS.

For more information, visit or call 818.707.1116.