Elite Fitness Plus in Westlake Village

Elite Fitness Plus (EFP) is an exclusive 100% private wellness and fitness facility focused on the long term health benefits of fitness and nutritional enhancement balanced with Neuro Reflex science and massage. Our state of the art, one of a kind facility is setting the standard in the industry. We don’t subscribe to one size fits all, factory type gyms or workouts. Elite Fitness Plus tailors our comprehensive, individual based, result generating programs around you the client.   Our warm and friendly college educated coaches, nutritionist, Neuro Reflex expert, massage therapists, instructors, staff and management are exceptional in what they do and have the experience and education to provide a one of a kind experience.

The human body is incredibly complex. We believe that our private coaching clients deserve the very best and that philosophy mandates that we hire and train the best. Our coaches are all university graduates with degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or another related field and then go through our extensive internship process that can last as long as six months. Even our small group sessions are designed to make sure that you have an experienced and caring professional watching you at all times. We never have more than 8 people in a class and usually we have 3-6 in each class. This is by design to make sure that you always have the correct posture and form to yield the highest amount of benefit.

Located at 3260 Townsgate Road, Westlake Village. Visit www.elitefitnessplus.com or call 805.494.4279 for more information.