CrossFit Thousand Oaks

CrossFit Thousand Oaks. . . No Machines. No Mirrors. No Tanning Booths.  Just Heart-Pounding, Intense and Surprising Workouts that Make You Leaner, Stronger and Faster – No Matter Where You Are in Life.

The typical one-hour CrossFit workout includes active stretching and warm-up, instruction/demonstration as needed, an intense and challenging workout, and cool-down. Workouts include an ever-changing mix of cardiovascular, calisthenics, weightlifting, jumping, throwing, climbing, stretching, gymnastic moves and other basic exercises – all done at high intensity in fun and unexpected combinations.

The CrossFit program is universally scalable, meaning virtually anyone, regardless of experience and level of fitness, can begin CrossFit training. At CrossFit Thousand Oaks, we adjust weights, rep counts, heights and other workout dimensions to accommodate the fitness of our members. So everyone – from competing athletes and firemen to office workers and stay-at-home Moms – is challenged at the level that gains maximum results.

To get started at CrossFit Thousand Oaks, just call 805-496-2077 for your free one-hour, one-on-one Intro Session, where you’ll learn about CrossFit and do a personalized sample workout and fitness-level assessment. Then take advantage of our free two-week trial period, where you can come to as many classes as you like. At the end of two weeks either sign-up or walk away.  And remember, at CFTO we have no sign-up fees, cancellation charges or long-term contracts – just a simple month-to-month membership.

CrossFit Thousand Oaks is located at 763 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard. Call 805.496.2077 or visit for more information.