CrossFit Conejo Valley

Located at 31143 Via Colinas, Unit 510, Westlake Village, CrossFit Conejo Valley is a veritable cathedral of human performance.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed around natural movements. Every day you pick objects up from the floor, lift things overhead, sit down, stand up, run after your kids or jump for joy. CrossFit Conejo Valley prepares you for all that and more.  We’ll teach you how to correctly and safely perform movements from weightlifting, track and field, and gymnastics and then utilize them in our workouts. We’ll mix them up and scale to your abilities so that you're always getting stronger, faster, and better conditioned.

CrossFit is infinitely scalable and we can help just about anyone optimize their physical capacity. Your needs and the Olympic athlete’s differ only by degree, not kind. Increased fitness is equally important to the world’s best athletes and to our grandparents.

Training at CrossFit Conejo Valley is always new, never boring. And the key to the whole program is that you work really smart, really hard... so you get really fit, really fast.    For more information go to or call 818-292-6352.