Limoneira Citrus & Sustainability Tour

Limoneira Company's Citrus Ranch & Sustainability Tour offers plenty of sensory delights for all ages: acres of avocado and lemon orchards, colorful stretches of seasonal row crops and a look back into farming history with period ranch photos and original packing "fruit crate" art dating from the early part of the 20th Century. The tour also shows guests what modern farmers are doing to become more sustainable. Guests view a 5.5 acre "solar orchard" that supplies power to Limoneira's lemon storage facilities. Weeds are kept in check naturally around the solar panels by English miniature sheep. Guests then stop by Limoneira's 10-acre green recycling yard--where green materials are naturally composted into mulch and then distributed in the orchards. The mulch reduces water use by one third on the farm, keeps weeds down and reduces the use of pesticides.

The one-hour Citrus Ranch & Sustainability Tour at Limoneira Company (1141 Cummings Road, Santa Paula) can be combined with other Limoneira Tours. Cost: $20, adults, $10, seniors (age 55 and up) and $5, children (ages 5 through 12). Kids under 5 are free. For more information including group rage discounts, go to, e-mail or call 805-525-5541.