Go Kart World - Carson

On the way to Long Beach we saw the Go Kart World sign to the left of the 405 freeway.  So on the way back to Thousand Oaks I impulsively took the Carson Street offramp to check it out.  With me were several 14 year olds and a 5 year old.  It had been 30 years since I tried a go kart.

Access was very quick and easy and there was plenty of parking on this Saturday afternoon in July.  So within minutes we had to decide which ticket package to purchase.  Wristbands offer as many rides as you can do in a given time period.  Or purchase a discount pack of tickets, with each ticket purchasing a 3 1/2 minute ride on one of 6 tracks.  We opted to purchase a pack of 17 tickets for $60.

I had a blast!  Each track was unique.  There are 3 "speed" tracks for kids/adults, the Super Track, Turbo Road Course and Slick Track.  I tried the Super Track (the longest and newest track at one third of a mile long).  My 5 year old sat beside me.  We had a blast.  Kind of intense and loud, but a lot of fun!  The Slick Track was even more fun as it is a highly polished sprint car oval configuration.  I wasn't able to try the eighth-mile Turbo Road Course but it also looked fun!

There is also a bumper car area, a Kiddy Track and Mini Indy course for kids.  There is a snack bar (the hot dog and lemonade was good), Chuck E Cheese style arcade (with game tickets, prizes, etc.), banquet room and picnic tables.  This would be a great place place for a birthday party!

Go Kart World is an hour away from the Conejo Valley but if you want some cheap thrills and fun, stop by if you're driving the 405 in the vicinity of Carson.  In fact, next time I may just leave the kids at home!

Visit www.gokartworld.com or call 310.834.3800 for more information.  Go Kart World is located at 21830 Recreation Road in Carson.