Half-Priced Tickets to Shakespeare's "As You Like It" in Camarillo through March 10th


In the mid-1980s, corporate takeovers become the weapon of choice for usurping brothers, and the New Wave Forest of Arden becomes a refuge for those seeking a haven from the Decade of Greed. In Arden, some find solace, some find themselves, others find love, and even villains find redemption. Grab your Ray-Bans, slip on a pair of leg-warmers, put fresh batteries in your Walkman, and get ready to experience Shakespeareā€¦ AS YOU LIKE IT.

HALF PRICE tickets available for shows tonight through March 10th at the Camarillo Skyway Playhouse, 330 Skyway Drive. Get them at bit.ly/AsYouLikeItCam (affiliate).