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Ventura County Sheriff's "East County Sheriff Watch" July 22, 2010

Here is the latest "East County Sheriff Watch" alert from the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. This program is designed to target unincorporated neighborhoods in the area, such as Oak Park, Bell Canyon, Lynn Ranch, Casa Conejo and Lake Sherwood. If you would like these updates directly from him via email, click here for more information.

Hello there my East County Sheriff Watch friends! 

Summer is in full swing now and the weather is heating up.  It is that time of the year to spend time outdoors, next to the pool, or at the park.  For those spending time by the pool, always be mindful of the inherent dangers of children playing in and around the pool.  It is important to watch young children around the pool in order to ensure they have proper supervision.  As we know teenagers can sometimes get out of hand while playing in the pool.  Please make sure their playful acts do not create an unsafe environment.  We cannot emphasis enough, how important it is to watch small children around the pool. Unfortunately, we have already lost a child in our area because of a drowning accident. Our hope is that together, we can ensure that no more tragedies of this nature occur.

As I mentioned in the last issue of the newsletter, many of us go on vacations around this time of year.  We have seen an increase in the number of party calls in our jurisdiction.  Many times we leave our older children behind to watch our homes while we are away.  Unfortunately sometimes they invite a few select friends over to hang out.    As we know, friends will tell other friends about a get together that ultimately turns into a party.  What started off as a small get together, can quickly evolve into a large party where alcohol is being consumed by underage drinkers. We have seen an increase in under age drinking in the East County jurisdiction.  Underage drinking has wide reaching consequences.  The number of fights, vandalisms, thefts, sexual assaults, and traffic collisions rise when underage drinking takes place.  In an effort to curb underage drinking, the Sheriff’s Department has been issuing citations for the Social Host Ordinance.  The ordinance states if there are more than two underage drinkers at your home, the homeowner is subject to a civil fine.  This fine is in excess of $1,000.00.  Please help us stop underage drinking and the far-reaching affect it has on our children.

For more information about the Social Host ordinance check out this link: Select Ventura County Code of Ordinances, and then type in section 6113-3 in the search box and select go.

To keep you up to date as far as crime in our neighborhoods, we are still being victimized in Oak Park with vehicle burglaries and thefts from vehicles.  We had incidents on Estrellita Lane, Bromely Drive and Oak Hills Drive.  We had another vandalism at Oak Park High School, where suspects broke windows and attempted to burn two trees.

In the area of Hidden Valley, we had a couple of vehicle burglaries and thefts, which occurred in the 1000 block, as well as the 2000 block of Potrero Road.  There was also a residential burglary in the 900 block of Lake Sherwood Drive.

We experienced two construction site thefts in the area of Queens Garden and Hampstead Court in the Lake Sherwood area.

In the Casa Conejo area, we had several vehicle burglaries, which occurred on and around the area of Cay Court, Alice Drive and Dena Drive.

In most of these incidents, the crime could have been prevented. Remember not to leave vehicles unlocked, do not leave valuables in plain sight inside the vehicle, and do not leave residential doors and windows open.

I have included a couple of links to videos that show how fast someone can get in and out of your car, take your property, and be gone for good.

I cannot emphasis enough how important it is, for you to remove items from your vehicles and secure them inside your homes.  Burglars will check vehicles for items in plain sight or that are left unlocked.  Remember, we need your help, so call when you see suspicious activity.  If you hear dogs barking at night, take a look outside.  If you see subjects loitering suspiciously in a complex or neighborhood, call the police.  Try to write down a license plate number when possible because it has led to the arrests of burglars in the past.  If possible, take pictures of the crime using your cell phone.  Anything you can do to help out is always appreciated.

Remember, the first step is to call the police.  You can always call 911, but you can also call the non-emergency number, which is (805) 654-9511.  Please save this number in your cell phone so it is readily available.

As always, keep up the good work in helping us keep our neighborhoods safe.  Thank you and enjoy your summer!

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