Pretty Sure the Latest Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Was Filmed in Hidden Valley

Super Bowl XLVIII is tomorrow and the latest Budweiser commercial "Puppy Love" has gone viral, with over 31 million pre-Super Bowl views.  Word on the street is that the video was filmed in Thousand Oaks. Although I don't have the exact location pinned down, it sure looks like Hidden Valley to me.*

*Thanks for confirming that the commercial was filmed at El Campeon Farms in Hidden Valley, Kathleen.

Hidden Valley in Thousand Oaks is quite a popular spot for filming, from a recent Progressive Insurance commericial featuring Flo going back to this bloody scene featuring Michael Caine losing his hand on Potrero Road in Oliver Stone's 1981 horror film, The Hand.

According to the Budweiser Clydesdales Blog (yes, they have a blog), the commercial featured seven 5-year old Clydesdale geldings trained at the Budweiser Clydesdale training facility in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Two Clydesdales, Major and Alex, were used for a majority of the shots and Rascal was chosen for the jumping scene. No mention was made of the cute pup's name.

The straightaway section of Potrero Road leading to the turn where Michael Caine's character, Jon Landsdale, lost his hand, and thus providing the namesake for the movie, The Hand.