Identify Local Sex Offenders Using California Megan's Law Website


California was the first state in the nation to initiate a Sex Offender Tracking Program in 1947, but until 1996, when California Megan's Law (CML) was initiated, information about sex offenders was not publicly available. 

Megan's Law is named after seven year old New Jersey girl Megan Kanka, who was raped and killed by a known molester who lived across the street from her family. All states now have a form of Megan's Law. On September 24, 2004, AB 488 was signed into law in California, providing the public Internet access to sex offender information at

This is a website that deserves a look, particularly by anyone who is a parent. While the website is not meant to "punish" sex offenders, it is a useful awareness tool. The powerful search engine on the site allows you to search by name, address, city, zip and county, as well as within a two mile radius of parks and schools. You can also review the results of your search in both map and listing format, making it quite convenient.

Within seconds you can identify the 883 (as of Aug 2016; 851 in Feb 2016, 760 in Sep 2014) registered sex offenders in Ventura County, including photos,  names, vital stats like date of birth, height and weight, their offenses and, where applicable, their addresses. The five cities with the largest sex offender counts as of August 2016 are Oxnard (216), Ventura (173), Simi Valley (97), Camarillo (65) and Port Hueneme (41).

The information in the CML database is not always up to date for each individual. The severity of the offenses for each individual vary from the more violent (rape, battery) to statutory rape, indecent exposure, etc.

To protect yourself and your family from sexual assault, visit from time to time to be aware.